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"Spectra Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is committed to provide every kind of Software Development and computer hardware of customer's choice readily available for installation. Spectra is committed to strive for customer satisfaction by providing right quality brand along with due assurance of warranty of replacement/repair as applicable without any delay and continually develop effectiveness of systems by achieving strategic objectives & development of the same."


 Standard policies, procedures and practices to assure quality interaction with clients and outputs


The objectives and actions of our firm in the area of assuring quality interaction with Client & outputs are driven by our values of Respect for the Client with all its machineries and workforce and stay focused, bring Transparency and Integrity. Spectra Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. wishes to interact with clients in a responsible and sustainable way. Providing our clients with emergent and apt technical support and assistance is integral part to our business as an IT Consultancy provider. Yet, we also have an impact on society through that interaction. We have a set of measures in place to ensure our services are provided in a responsible manner.




All project members are well educated to the Client’s Organization policies and the project perspectives, so that they efficiently and wisely interact with client regarding any emerging issues.


Round the clock availability of technical expertise on site to attend immediate complaints, comments and suggestions and to provide quick solution to avoid delay in work or any other inconvenience.




Periodical Interaction with Client workforce with pre-circulated agenda where debate on ongoing issues related to design and development of software is invited and recorded with unanimous solution approach came out.




Project Specific web portal to populate project progress in every phases. This helps the administration to access the project phases at any point of time and act accordingly.


Distribution of Proper user manual to clients work force specific to their on-desk jobs written in simple and understandable terms with sufficient examples.






 Complaints Handling & Monitoring


Employee Related Complaints:
Our company takes the issue of complaint monitoring throughout the functioning of any IT Consultancy Service, software application developed and commissioned by us. It is the integral part of our Quality Management inclined towards achieving maximum client satisfaction and ensuring proper functioning of the software application we design, develop and commission. Although our company generates a very strong value system to all of our employees and educate them about our company’s policies towards customer relationship management, but it is also inevitable for us to build up strong mechanism to deal with the otherwise. The following practices are for consideration:


Periodical feedback is taken from our clients regarding the performance of onsite employees as well as back office or help desk staff they come across or interact eventually. The feedback form is sent to our client to access their views, remarks and experience with each of our professionals to whom they have interacted. These feedbacks are kept secret and evaluated by HR Manager.


The feedbacks are also received via e-mail and telephone so that the client may feel that the complaint not being aggregated at our end within preferred time.




Once an employee found to be guilty for ill behavior, non-cooperation or any other exigent behavior we always have a private session with the employee to put him under the hard facts and demand resolution from him. On accessing his reaction and consequent actions we decide whether we give him a chance or terminate his service thereof. However, on given a second chance we request our client to access his performance over the period of time with proper explanation of our clemency. If reported otherwise we bound to replace the professional with suitable one. It is relevant to mention that we always put extra resources to the project site so that replacement does not affect our support in the client site.




Apart from periodical feedback which sometimes may contain the clemency of our clients we also access the project progress and milestone achievement to access the performance index of our professionals. This also leads to proper action either putting them back on pace or arranging proper replacement to continue our quality support.


Depending on the situation the administration of client is also advised to conduct a guided adaptability test amongst their users. General assessment being done on low performing staffs and explanation being taken from them to discover the proper reason of such lagging. If these tests reveal lack of professional approach or competence of the project professionals, suitable actions being taken immediately to reach solution thereof.



Spectra provides earliest support on net depending on nature of the problem. Any sorts of support or technical discussion relating to software/Hardware or Net is always supported from us. Mail us, Call us, Come to us we are always there for making you comfortable.

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