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Technical Expertise  

Since inception Spectra Consultancy Pvt. Ltd has been delivering its technical expertise in many Govt. and Non-Govt. organizations in the following areas:



IT based Consultancy on Systems Study, Analysis & Design  
  - IT based Consultancy on Preparation of Detailed Project Reports and SRS Reports  
  - Software Development & Implementation  
  - Web based & Localised IT Applications  
  - Mobile Applications  
  - System Integration  
  - High-End Networking Solutions  
  - Corporate Training & Technical Support on Live Run  
  - Data Processing & Data Exchange/Migration  
  - Supervising & Commissioning IT infrastructure  

Our Firm has vast experiences on successful implementation of fully customized ERP / e-Governance solutions on various domains that include:

  - Finance & Accounts Management  
  - Payroll and HR Information Management  
  - Employees’ Loan & Advances Management  
  - GPF/CPF/NPS/GIS and Pension Management  
  - Hospital Information Management  
  - University, College & School Management  
  - Land Revenue Assessment & Tax Collection Management  
  - Audit, Costing & Tariff Management  
  - Production & Marketing Management  
    Web Portal based MIS, and information exchange through mobile SMS  
  - e-Payment, etc.  
Measures taken during project development & implementation  

Emphasis is given on the followings:



Studying, Assessing and Setting Scope/Coverage of the Project in thorough  
  - Describing existing infrastructure, procedures and practices in thorough  


Determining proposed Project Feasibility  
  - Setting Specific Objectives/Aims of the project  


Setting Outcomes and benefits of the project  
  - Describing proposed infrastructure and procedures of the project in thorough  


Setting Stages/Phases for development and implementation of the project  
  - Setting Stage/Phase wise duration/timeline of the project  


Drawing charts/diagrams for the project sites w.r.t. implementation  
  - Setting Implementation Plan  


Setting Testing/Commissioning and Acceptance Criteria  
  - Highlighting migration plan form existing to proposed system  


Setting month wise break-up of physical achievement/progress with milestone chart  
  - Assessing Infrastructural/hardware, knowledge/training and human resources required for the project  


Setting site preparation measures & perquisites required for the project  
  - Setting Budget Outlay for different heads  


Setting Security, Dependability and fail safe recovery measures for the project  
  - Setting Project Completion/Handover Measures  


Setting roles/task/responsibilities of Client, Vendors and Project Monitoring Authorities  


Solution Integration:

Spectra utilize formal project management practices, tools and techniques to manage the Solution Integration phase. An engagement manager is assigned to each customer to provide overall project management of services-related activities and to facilitate communications between all internal and external resources. This approach ensures all projects are well planned, managed and delivered - on time, within budget and according to specification.


System Training:

Spectra offer both a Basic training classes and advanced training classes. The Basic training class covers the essential information required to operate, administer and troubleshoot Spectra's core products and most popular office automation tools offered by Microsoft, IBM etc.. The Advanced training provides insight into tuning our products for optimum performance or building extensions though the open API and other tools like RDBMS, Visual Basic, VB.NET, Java, D2K, IDS etc..


Technical Support:

Spectra's Technical Support department offers assistance also via Web-based database helpdesk solution. The system allows our customers' representatives to log into their account and either sends requests to Spectra Technical Support or check the status of existing questions. Subsequently, Spectra's Technical Support engineers use this database to log calls, communicate directly with customers and track issues through to resolution. Our internal docketing system for mobilizing client calls facilitate Just in time Management for all service options. 


Corporate Training:

Corporate training Programs arranged by Spectra Consultancy helps clients training up their work force for computerized system. The Spectrum of this kind of arrangement covers not only the basic operational level concepts but also High-end trainings based on Logic Building, Code Conversion, Data Mining & Warehousing and Application Development. The coverage is always Industry Standard and reflects the latest technology and framing.


Hardware Related Services:

Innovative web-Centric solution of Personal/Business Computers holds the key here. It not only decreases down time but also gives a queue less Service Facility to our Clients. Those who cannot provide infrastructural support for web-Centric help services we provide them on-call services on any type of Computers and Accessories. Our Reselling zone also helps clients on availing their Hardware at the cheapest.

                We offer our Special Task forced service for Networking Based Solutions right from Planning to Installation. The Networking gamut includes both cable based (CAT 5, CAT 6), Optical Fiber based Networking and Wireless Networking . For the clients who need remote sharing we offer our Lease Line Based or Web Based solutions.


Data Processing & Desk Top Publishing:

Our Data Processing division is always a great help to our clients and our implementation team. A group of professional conversant with Industrial Data Processing (Commercial Data) and Image processing working as back bone to this division. The process backed by the latest accessories like auto feed scanners and laser printers this unit is producing excellent result both in terms of revenues as well as customer satisfaction.


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