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The Most Advanced Hardware Support System

SPECTRA creates a class of Relational Data Based Management System designed from the ground up to help organizations easily automate and manage their existing working process. Spectra combines the entire range of Management System functionality in a unified 3 Tire based server architecture. We also offers the best products available in market in course of hardware.

 Pentium - IV  BRANDED OFFERS  Pentium - I [Old Stock ]
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  CPU 1.8/2.4 Ghz [Intel]
  Mother Board Intel/Asus Make
  128 DDR RAM
  40 GB HDD [Segate Make]
  52X CD ROM [Sansung Make]
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  Old Stock Material along with Color Monitor is now available.  
  Pentium - I CPU [Intel]  
  32 MD SD RAM  
  P-I cabinet with SMPS  
  Color Monitor 14"  
                Cost : 4100 /-  
  1.44 MB FDD [on demand]  
  CD-ROM [on demand]  
  1.2 G.B HDD [on demand]  
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  The Most Advanced Software Management System  

SPECTRA offer not only in the field of hardware managements but also it  is an Web-based Globalization Management System (GMS) designed from the ground up to help organizations easily automate and manage the globalization process.



Central to the Spectra solution is the philosophy that experienced people - including translators, project managers, and in-country reviewers - are the key to successful, high-quality globalization efforts. The System it offers is not a development, but rather an enterprise-wide Management System that automates costly, time-consuming, and error-prone processes, enabling localization experts to be more productive and deliver high-quality translations to speed time to market. And not only does a System need to seamlessly integrate with existing IT infrastructures, it must integrate with existing business processes as well. That is why Spectra develops a 100% Relational Data base based application. So all resources - in-house or agency - can collaborate, boost productivity, and speed time to market.





  50-70% savings on localization costs
85% faster than traditional localization process
Improved quality of localized assets
Rapid results without additional resources


The key functional attributes of Spectra include:

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Product Brief
Spectra Consultancy Product Brief

Spectra consultancy solutions provide significant return on localization investments




  The Most Advanced Network Management System  

We also offer you the Network solution for company who are looking for small investments. Components reliability along with their originality will be provided from us. Networking on Local area or Metropolitan area is the base feature being solved by us. We are always reliable and safe to make your job done satisfactorily.


With our enormous experience and working capability out clients till date are fully satisfied and never trusted with any other name other than Spectra Consultancy. We always provide the latest market solutions in any field of developments. May be software of hardware or it may be networking. There trust is the main object that is controlled and maintained by us. With our clients we always maintain a smooth relation. We are maintaining this since 1996, being a 10 years old and well established company our profile states the nature of our growth and success in the IT related fields.


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